Crash Pad Care & Maintenance

Crash Pads & Mats

We’ve heard some crazy ways to wash your crash pad. The worst way to wash your crash pad is by taking the foam out and putting it in a washing machine. Even if it’s on the lightest cycle it’s a great way to permanently damage your crash pad. The best way to wash your crash pad, is to not take the foam out. Lean your crash pad up against a wall, use an ordinary garden hose with a spray nozzle and spray water directly onto the pad on all sides washing it with dish soap make sure to get the soap completely out of the pad. Let the crash pad dry in a shady area. Your crash pad is completely synthetic materials this includes the foam. The next morning your crash pad will be dry a slight amount of water might reside in the corners this can be sponged out and will quickly dry.

Washing out dirt and particles that eat away at the fibers in the material on a regular basis will prolong the life of your crash pad. This also helps prevent dry rot damage. Make sure to keep your crash pad out of direct sunlight. Don’t leave crash pads in automobiles for long periods of time. Radiation from the Sun will eat away at both the material and foam rapidly.

Both tacos styled crash pads and hinged styled Crash Pads should never be kept in their closed position they should be kept open and in a shady environment with cool, dry temperatures. When crash pads are kept in their closed position a major crease on the spine may eventually cause foam failure quicker.

It’s not wise to use your bouldering Crash Pad as a backpack and carry tons of gear the center. It might be okay to carry a pair of shoes and a chalk bag but more than that could eventually damage the foam in the long run. The best way is to pack your gear in an outside backpack or messenger bag, See Bouldering  Etiquette article.